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CEO Message

  • We believe that reach to territory of our dreams is possible with honesty. Therefore, always we have transparent communication with our customers and we will put them in the priority list. Hadi printing staff never stop trying and they want to take concern of print quality from clients with professional behavior. Clients can order and receive their products in short time with brilliant quality. If you need a fast and high quality printing, we are pleased to have the honor of work for you.


Hadi Printing was founded in 1989 by Mohammad Hadi Ramezani. He has nearly 56 years of experience in printing industry. He achieved a scholarship in 1972 from Germany by Morteza Nouriani (printing father of Iran). He is succeeded to have printing diploma from Heidelberg Company as the first Iranian person. Read More


  • Mission: Doing Precious works
  • Vision:A full-service printing complex from design to packaging
  • Values: Punctuality, Customer satisfaction, Fast and brilliant printing, and Ethics.
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Differentiation Aspects

  • Specialized knowledge of raw materials, printing processes and customer needs.
  • Using the best printing materials.
  • Dedicated and trained staff in headquarters units and product lines.
  • Possession of the best printing machines in Iran.
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Precious books

Hadi printing is proud of printing great texts in Persian literature in proper size and the brightest quality dedicated to cultural society of Iran.

Books and Magazines

Publication of popular and valuable books and magazines are always part of our mission. We do this to act our social responsibility, which is helping to promote mental health of the society.

Posters and canvas

Print advertising tools are highly durable and effective therefore, the print quality should be great. Also, canvas have been found many fans in recent years.

Catalogue and Brochure

Design and printing of the promotional tools should be concerned about because these tools have long life.


One of the basic steps in the branding process is nice and integrated stationery. These products have long history of designing and producing in Hadi printing.


The most important feature of the product is glue quality. Hadi printing understands how important it is and always satisfy his clients.


Printing quality of mass-circulation advertising tools should not be lower than other advertising tools. Hadi printing cares about all products.


Folder is not only a means to always remain in the minds of your customers, but also it is a useful thing for them. Thus, folders should have innovative design and high quality of printing.

Promotional Bags

All see promotional bags! Even they are not your client or they have not heard about your business, but a unique promotional bag can promote your business.

Standard Size of Papers

Some standard sizes are defined by ISO 216 for papers. A0 paper size has surface area of a square meter and all sizes have the same height to width ratio equal to 1:1.41. ‘A’ series has the largest commercial and office print applications. For instance, the A4 is for office documents, the A5 is for headers, and A6 is used for postcards.

Image Resolution

Since a digital image does not really exist, its pixels don’t have real size but, as it is printed its pixels will take a substantial size. So if we have a low resolution image, few numbers of pixels in each inch, causes a blocky, vague and unpleasant print. We suggest 300 dpi resolution for printing images and 50 to 100 dpi resolution for billboards and images which are seen far away

Printing Checklist

Before sending files to print, check all these again: – Fonts and links – Sizes, number of pages and page numbers – Defined color for images: RGB and CMYK – Image resolution – Safety margin by considering binding or kinds of cutting – Half sword or cutting lines